Returns & Exchanges

Live Stock Guarantee Policy

PC Aquatics strives to supply the fish community with the finest quality aquatic live stock available. For this reason we offer all our customers a "arrive alive" guarantee on all fish purchased  through our mail order service.

This guarantee does not cover any shipping or handling charges; these charges are not refundable

The guarantee is void once fish is in the tank

We do not accept fish returns due to to size or tank comparability.

If you purchase a fish that is not allowed in your local state. He will cancel the order and will charge a $100 restocking fee for wasting our time. WE WILL NOT SHIP BANNED FISH . DON'T TRY. 

In the unlikely event that you suffer a loss during transit, please notify us immediately upon confirming a loss. Do not discard any livestock without contacting us and receiving authorization to do so.


A video clearly showing you cutting and opening the box with the fish inside dead for the first time is required. No video also voids our guarantee since there is no proof of fish arriving dead. 

Claims will only be honored if fish arrives dead. If shipment arrives late you would have to open a claim with the shipping company.

Live shipments must be received immediately upon delivery by our courier. If you are not home to receive your shipment on its first delivery attempt, this guarantee is void.

You must accept shipments sent to you under any and all circumstances. Any refused shipment will disqualify you from any future livestock purchases from Additionally, you will be held responsible for costs of the refused shipment. If there is any damaged noted to the exterior of a delivered package, immediately report the damage to the delivery person, and open package while the courier is there to take note. Failure to report damage at the time of delivery may void this guarantee.You must handle all delay and/or damage claims directly with the courier company.

Your tank must be established and in good condition. Your water quality should meet PC aquatics standards:

Ammonia: 0 ppm

Nitrites: 0 ppm

Nitrates: 30 ppm

PH: Specific to livestock purchased (see item's details)